The Problem

Finding customers is generally the most difficult challenge any business will face. You wait for the customer to come to you. In an ideal world, every customer in need of your services would know exactly where and how to find you – but as you are well aware, there is often a serious disconnect between customers in need of environmental services and the vendors that provide them. This leads to people and businesses disposing of their waste improperly, which is potentially harmful to communities, the environment, and your business. For a business to confront this challenge in a meaningful way, their only recourse is to invest a great deal of time, money, and skill into their advertising efforts.

Our Solution

Pegex reverses the customer-seeking-vendor role, and allows you, the vendor, to actively and instantaneously find customers in your area that are in need of your services. It’s that simple.

Great! How do I use Pegex?

You start out by signing up to become a Pegex member. Remember, membership is free and easy to do.

Once you have become a member and gain access to Pegex, you will be able to bid or buy Certified Opportunities in your area that match the services you offer.

Pegex consists of two modes in which you can discover new customers and their current service needs. The Pegex auction, and the Pegex Buy It Now (BIN).

Pegex Auction

The Pegex auction is a quoting tool that utilizes auction principles that allows you the vendor to view all projects within your chosen service geography. After discovering a Certified Opportunity of interest to you, you can review the scope of the work that the customer has provided to us. You will then have an allotted amount of time to bid, and rebid your initial quote price for that job. When the allotted time is spent, you will receive an email notification to let you know whether you have won or lost the bid. Upon winning a bid you will receive the winning bid notification along with all customer contact information for you to deliver your formal quote.

Place Your Bid

Based on your location preferences, a job will be posted in your area.

After it is posted, you can begin bidding. The vendor with the lowest bid wins.

Watch Your Alerts

You’ll receive an email or text message that updates you on your bid status.

Once the auction has expired, a final notification will be sent stating whether you have won or lost.

Win the Job

After you win, you’ll receive the waste generator’s information so you may contact the customer to deliver your formal quote and schedule services upon approval.

Pegex Buy It Now (BIN)

The Pegex Buy It Now (BIN) is a customer acquisition tool that allows vendors to view all BIN mode projects within your chosen service geography, purchase the Certified Opportunity outright and receive all customer contact information so you may contact the customer to deliver your formal quote and schedule services upon approval.

Purchase any opportunity from your account list

When you find a certified opportunity that you would like to service, simply hit the Buy It Now button and pay by credit card

Receive new customer contact information

After credit card payment is approved, all customer contact information is revealed, including company name, contact name, phone number and email address.

Contact the customer

The new customer will be waiting for your quote, so once you have received all customer contact information, you may contact the customer by the end of that business day to introduce yourself, deliver your quote, and schedule services upon approval.

What Types of Jobs will I Find In Pegex?

Once you have become a member and gain access to the Pegex, you will be able to bid on and purchase jobs in your area that match the services you offer.

Jobs are sorted into the following categories:

  • Bulk Oil
  • Containerized waste
  • Cylinders
  • Lab Pack Services
  • Medical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Radioactive
  • Recycle
  • Remediation
  • Reuse
  • Universal waste
  • Vacuum Truck Services

Pegex Guarantee

The Pegex Guarantee means a Pegex Credit will be issued if a (BIN) Pegex Certified Opportunity meets one or more of the following criteria:­­­

  • The opportunity is no longer available when customer contact is made on the same day of purchase.
  • The waste types are materially different than the actual waste on site, and the vendor lacks the capability to perform the job.
  • Inaccuracies in client address or contact information prevents performance of work.

Vendor pre-requisites for Pegex Credit eligibility:

  • Must contact customer by the end of the business day that the opportunity was purchased.
  • Any  BIN requests for credit for reasons that fall outside of the above criteria will be reviewed on a case by case basis.