An Opportunity is a fully qualified project. This means that an inquiry was directed to our professionally trained customer service team, where a 20-minute phone interview was conducted. Afterwards, a strict compliance review ensured project viability.
We attempt to collect the following:

1) Contact Information
2) Job Title
3) Project Location
5) Process Generating the Waste
6) Container Type, Count, Volume, and Condition
7) Pick-up Frequency
8) Urgency Level
9) Pick-up Deadline
10) Photos of Labels and/or Containers
11) Material Safety Data Sheets
12) Analytic Documents
13) Product Name and Manufacturer
14) Previous Waste Profile
15) Current Vendor + current Pricing

Only rigorously qualified client needs become Pegex Certified Opportunities, and each Buy It Now (BIN) is backed with the Pegex Guarantee. Certified Opportunities that are not closed by our Vendor Partners due to certain criteria are eligible for a Pegex Credit.
certified opp